“The Avengers” and Free Comic Book Day!

The Avengers are coming.

These words have elicited equal parts hope and fear in the hearts of comic book geeks for years.

Who should direct?  What roles should be included? Who should play what role?

Rumor turned to reality.  Thoughts turned into actions.  And over the past four years Marvel studios has been building up hype for this much-anticipated movie.

And now, the weekend has come.

My first question is: why “The Avengers“, anyway?

Comic  Book Answer: it sounds colorful and dramatic (Marvel wiki).  At least, according to founding Avenger the Wasp, who (along with Ant-Man) didn’t make it into the movie.  Even though she actually named the superhero team.

Grabbed from The Comic Vine

I guess a character who can fly, emit bio-electric blasts, and shrink down to a very small size isn’t realistic enough for a movie with a big green rage monster and a Norse god.

Anyway, if you’re not busy seeing The Avengers this weekend, why not head to a local comic book store?

May 5th is Free Comic Book Day, “a single day – the first Saturday in May each year – when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE to anyone who comes into their stores” (site here).

Or, are you tired of all the superhero hype?  Just want a straight-forward review of The Avengers without all the wordiness and biases of web writers?  Without spoilers?

Check out what these fine, knowledgeable young people have to say:

5 thoughts on ““The Avengers” and Free Comic Book Day!

  1. Excellent writing, Janeen — I’m the mom of two (adult) comic book geeks . . . and a few grandsons who went to see The Avengers, thank you for sharing . . . your writing is the best form of art! Verna

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