Geek Links

Here is a collection of links that I believe are relevant, helpful, or just plain cool.  Some of them are faith-based, some of them are secular, and some of them are just a little silly.  If you are wary of certain content, note the headings.

I’m always adding new things, so check back!  Also, if you’d like me to link to your blog, just let me know and drop me the address of your blog or website, and I’ll see about it.

{CHR=Christian, SEC=Secular, MB=Mixed Bag, NAF=Not Actually Fantasy–but good}

Fantastical Fantasy/Science Fiction 

The Christian Fantasy Review (CHR) – a thoughtful Christian Fantasy book review website, aimed at discerning family-friendly reading material

Hail the Victorious Parasol (SEC) – neatly done, nicely entertaining steampunk blog by author Gail Carriger

Tales of Goldstone Wood (CHR) – home of Anne Elisabeth Stengl, writer of the awesome Tales of Goldstone Wood series!

WhereTheMapEnds - Useful Christian Speculative Fiction Website

The Punkettes – (SEC) Steam-Punk, Diesel-Punk, and Clock-Punk Blog

Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour (CHR) – the title says it all–great for reviews and for reviewers

Holy Worlds (CHR) – Christian community discussing fantasy fiction, science fiction, and historical fiction

Reading, Writing, and Anything but Arithmetic (MB) – intelligent book, television, and movie opinions and reviews

Speculative Faith (CHR) – premier online destination for reviews on speculative topics from a Christian perspective
Faith and Fantasy Alliance (CHR) – organizers of Realm Makers, the first Christian Speculative Fiction symposium in the US

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