5 Geek Things From Mom

One of my mother’s enduring legacies to me, besides her Christian faith, her belief in hard work and honesty, and her love of reading, is her geekiness. From introducing me to TV shows, to playing a chaperone (in full hobbit costume) to my high school friends and me when we stood in line for The Two Towers and The Return of the King, she is an inspiration of how to enjoy speculative fiction while still keeping at least one foot in reality.

And so, I dedicate this month’s Geek Exploration post to five awesome geek things my mother introduced me to.

Star Wars

Together we explored the movies, the music, and the Expanded Universe ( *coughs* I mean Star Wars Legends) books,–and learned how to look at the problematic spiritual issues from a Christian worldview.

The Chronicles of Narnia

I remember curling up on a bed next to her as she began reading the first few lines of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe from this very edition of the book. When I was older, I inherited the full seven book set…and subsequently read them to pieces and lost them. But I have her to thank for introducing me to this world.

Star Trek: Voyager

“There’s coffee in that Nebula.” – Captain Janeway

My first experience with the Star Trek series was a memorable one, filled with well-developed characters and interesting plot twists–not to mention the wonderful up-side-down spoon shape of Voyager!

Honor Harrington

A military space opera featuring a tough, exotic-looking female captain in the worst possible place with the world against her. Although I’m not a fan of military space opera in general, this one series has a special place in my heart–especially because of treecats, one of the most well-developed sentient alien species I’ve ever read. In the later books? I read more for the treecats than for the human characters!

Lord of the Rings

When I decided I was going to read the books in anticipation for the movies, my mother read all three books in the trilogy in one week. And understood every word. She supported me all through my high school years as I explored linguistics with Tolkien’s fictional languages, world-building through his different races and histories, and fiction writing with hundreds of pages of fan-fiction. In every case, she let my imagination fly, while still insisting I keep a balance in other subjects and in reality.

So here’s a big shout-out to my favorite Hobbit!

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  1. Thanks so much for this blog! I am honored to have you write such a nice article about me! Yep, folks, I am Janeen’s mom. When in doubt, or just bored, read a book!

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