World-Building Wonders – Unborns in the Metaphysical World

Welcome to another installment of World-Building Wonders! Find a Friday escape into an author’s awesome world — and worldview! Today’s featured author is Abby Jones.

What if? What if aborted children lived on somewhere else? What if they got to experience life in a different world? These are the questions that inspired my world-building.

There is nothing more heart wrenching to me than the idea of abortion. Millions of children who never get to experience all the joys of life. Millions of children who never get to find out who they are, have friends, play, laugh, struggle, stand, endure, fight, love, or have children of their own.

This is the driving force of my world-building. I created a place where aborted kids are given a chance to live. Now, granted, the world I made for them isn’t the nicest place at the moment because conflict is necessary, but they’re alive and have a chance.

They are the unborn.

For many years I’ve worked on a world where there are Guardians who control accepts of life like dance, the seasons, light on leaves, darkness, plains, forests, and that sort of thing. There were three mirror worlds: Material (our world), Spiritual (home of monsters and saints), and The World beyond the Doors (home of the King). The Guardians moved between these worlds via magical doors except for the last which can only be reached by Death’s door. When I started writing about the unborns, I decided to fit them into my mirror worlds instead of creating a whole new setting. Thus, the Metaphysical World (home of the unborns) was made.


This is the world for aborted, miscarried, and lost children.

In the Metaphysical World, unborns sprout up in 1000 different Harvest Fields located where cities are in the Material World. Each Harvest Field produces 125 children every day, brought out of the dirt by large machines. Towns, gangs, and economies surround the Harvest Fields. Some adopt the unborn welcoming them into homes and families. Some force them into hard labor.

To make things easier and more interesting, I have all the children come into the Metaphysical World between 4 and 8 years old. That’s part of the magic of being unborn. I also give each of them a skill. Who knows the number of musicians, architects, doctors, mothers, fathers, writers, diligent workers, and friends we’ve lost due to abortion? Each unborn pulled from the ground has a gift. Some are normal abilities like being good at tending wounds or understanding machines. Others are more interesting like being able to track enemies or quote lines from literature that they’ve never read. This also affects the economy as skilled unborn are traded and manipulated for goods and services.

Wanting a mirror world of mostly children, I added in an environmental cataclysm prior to the start of my actual story so that the children being harvested far out way the number of adults. This adds to the feeling of desperation and horror, and allows everything in the story to swirl around unborns and the Harvest Fields.

If I write more stories in this particular setting, the ratio of adults to children will change.

My world explores and honors lost children. I can give them, in a way, an opportunity to tell their own stories. Granted, the Metaphysical World isn’t a very friendly place, but getting to live and fight and find hope is far better than dying in the womb. Getting a chance, even a slim one, is better than no chance at all.


Abby Jones started writing sometime between 2000-2001. She always has one or two or three stories percolating in the back of her mind. For most of that time, her focus has been on urban fantasy. Recently, she switch to YA speculative fiction. Until last year when her health took a drastic downswing, she taught a writing class for homeschoolers and hosted a monthly writing group for other women in her church who enjoy writing. They focused on writing from a Christian worldview and the craft itself. She does not have anything in print as of yet—due to changing her writing plans and goals one too many times—but she does hope to someday see her work being read by others. She has four complete rough drafts in two Urban Fantasy series, and one rough draft done in her new YA series. She also writes children’s stories for her nieces and nephews: The Texas Cousins Adventure Stories. She has done a wide variety of things with her life: everything from picking blueberries, working in a sheet metal factory, milking goats, and owning two designer consignment boutiques with her husband. She’s now a homemaker and housewife who uses her God-given talents to serve her church, manage her home, and tend to the needs of her very large extended family as her health permits. She blogs regularly, and you can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Goodreads, Twitter, and Scribophile.

novel inspiration from Bethany

Current WIP Blurb:

The Cost of Two Hands:

The Artists are gone. The world is trapped in winter. Young expendable lives fade fast. Petty wars are run by petty men. One mother flees. One man fights. One girl hunts the hunters.

Jonah relied on violence to survive. After Soul paid the price for Jonah’s crimes and adopted him, the boy had to adapt to a new life: reading, writing, and learning to control his uncanny ability to get into fights. But when his first good friend is kidnapped in order to build a machine endowed with a human essence, Jonah must apply his fighting skills in a new way. Can the fists that once beat a crone be used for the good of others?

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  1. I love Abby’s story, and her unique world! I never tire of reading her poetic, beautiful writing. 🙂 And I absolutely love the idea of giving aborted children a place to live! <3

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