Drafting 101 – The BEST Piece of Drafting Advice

Fundamentals of Fiction

Drafting ultimately is up to you. The writer.

You can read all the writing craft books you want, but ultimately, your writing process is unique to you. And that is 100% okay.

There are plenty of books to teach you the “winning way.” Trust me, I’ve read through a ton of them. I’m a massive improvement junkie who is always eager to learn new ways of doing things.

Crank out 5,000 words an hour! No, wait! Five pages a day. How about the “write something every day” method? Surely that works? But what about on days when there’s a death in the family, or you’re revisiting your lunch in the bathroom, or you just can’t find the words? Do you just force it? Maybe not. Maybe you should just slow down. Maybe you should outline more. Maybe you should–


This is where I ended up going to Twitter or Facebook or getting chocolate or potato chips. Or exercising (irony there, I know). Or doing anything other than facing that blank screen with all those well-meaning voices in my head.

Here’s the best piece of drafting advice I can give you: have fun and do what works for you. Life’s too short for anything else.

How do you figure out what works for you?

Go back to your PUSH. Knowing your Passion, Underlying Worldview, Self-Motivation, and Happiness Quotient is integral for you to do your writing life well.

Passion – Why are you excited about this story?
Underlying Worldview – What key parts of your own philosophy or beliefs are informing you? (Note: even “I’m writing this so I can write other things that I actually care about” is part of your worldview).
Self-Motivation – What are you committed to doing to keep yourself moving forward?
Happiness Quotient – How would you answer this question: “In order to enjoy drafting, I need…”

Above all, fight for your PUSH. Never forget to enjoy your writing, your research, your art. Whatever you want to call it. Find reasons to fall in love with your worlds all over again.

And never give up.

Apply for a coaching session with me to figure out your PUSH and get your story on track with clarity, confidence, and strategies customized to your unique writing style. We’ll target the nexus between your vision, reader expectation, and writing craft, and take your book to market, your way!

What is one essential for you to draft well? Share in the comments!

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