Write Inside Out – Website Reboot Clearance Sale!

Writing and marketing are overpriced endeavors.

And I’m not talking about money.

I’m talking about the precious hours scraped together at the end of the night when the rest of your family has gone to sleep, or scavenged from early in the morning before they’ve woken up.

Or the moments on your lunch break, tapping away at your cell phone or scribbling in a notebook. Or sometimes sneaking out receipt paper and writing plot ideas when no one is coming to your checkout aisle (yes, my first NaNoWriMo was eight years ago, and I was working at Kmart).

I’m talking about even more hours in revisions and editing. Hours spent in beta reader trades or searching for marketing ideas. Hours perusing different publishing houses or agent websites–or hours searching for just the right book cover or typesetting package.

Whether indie, traditionally published, both, or somewhere in between, writing is a wonderful, time-sucking endeavor that you just have to make room for. And you want to make sure you put the best quality into that work.

I’ve been there. I am there. And I’m doing something about it which also gives you an excellent opportunity to invest in your writing this Black Friday-to-Cyber Monday weekend!

I’m preparing and planning for the Great Janeen Ippolito Website Merge. I currently operate two websites – fiction and nonfiction. Talk about spending time I don’t have! After extensive research and planning, I’m leveling up to one snazzy website for both my brands.

But that means it’s time for some website-clearing!

I have a number of author coaching packages that are on their way out in favor of newer options (plus some awesome webinars!) A few of these soon-to-be discontinued packages will be available for a discount price! I also have a few editing deals coming your way–and maybe even one or two coaching + editing + marketing exclusives available only at this party!

Black Friday (2)

Join the party on Facebook and every day get convenient Facebook notifications on specials posted up for sale. Like any good clearance, quantities are limited, so be sure to keep an eye out and be ready to jump on deals! See you there!


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