Why I Quit Blogging

In January 2018, I chose to quit blogging, at least for a month. It ended up being two months.


I needed to step back after unifying my websites. I needed to figure out why I was blogging and where I was going with it.

I needed a break.

I’ve been busy in the meantime! I have an active author support group on Facebook–Creative Breakthroughs for Writing and Publishing Your Fiction. Please join in for daily interaction, value, tips, and author support from yours truly. If you want fiction book updates, check out The Marvelous Misfits, my awesome fiction group.

I also revamped my newsletter, did a ton of new stuff for my publishing company Uncommon Universes Press, finished some more steampunk fantasy (Priceless: An Ironfire Legacy Novella), co-created a humorous paranormal romance anthology (How to Catch a Unicorn And Other Misadventures), nearly finished a world building + plotting book (Unforgettable World Building for Irresistible Stories), and worked with amazing coaching and editing clients.

Oh, and I launched a podcast, Indie Book Magic, with awesome authorpreneur H.L. Burke.

In other words, just a few things got done. 😉

I’ll be posting in this blog on at least a weekly basis with updates on a variety of topics: related to my fiction, writing resource help (videos or a blog post), life updates, or bookish shares. Keeping it to the point, fun, and links to more in-depth stuff.

Thanks for tuning in so far. Looking forward to a great year!


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  1. Oh good! I enjoy your blogs. I think if you cross-posted your inspirational FB posts over here, they might draw some engagement.

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