Official Bio

Janeen Ippolito is an author of creative breakthroughs in her nonfiction and speculative fiction. She writes urban fantasy, steampunk fantasy (with dragons), paranormal romance, and horror, all featuring misfit characters in facing impossible odds. She’s also an experienced entrepreneur, author coach, editor, teacher, and the president of Uncommon Universes Press. Whether brainstorming a new plot twist or analyzing new marketing angles, Janeen is happiest when creating breakthroughs for her hapless characters and for the amazing authors and businesspeople she works with in the ever-changing publishing industry. Using her knowledge and degree in cross-cultural communication, Janeen created World-Building From the Inside Out, a highly-rated world building textbook and workbook that offer a culturally-conscious perspective on creating science fiction and fantasy worlds. In her spare time, Janeen can be found reading, writing, cooking, watching geeky TV shows, or sword-fighting with her husband. Two of her side goals in life are eating a fried tarantula and traveling to Antarctica.
Why Creative Breakthroughs

Because I know what it’s like to feel trapped, unable to move forward. To have dreams and goals and achievements locked away inside of you, unable to come out. To have well-meaning people tell you be sensible. Give up.
And you can’t, because your gut says that you’re onto something. You just need to figure out what it looks like and how to make it work.
Because I believe there is always a perfect nexus between author vision and market expectations, as long as you’re creative and flexible enough to see it and own it.
Because I believe stories of people breaking free from obstacles and finding their voice will never get old.
And I believe we should live those stories in everyday life.

Janeen’s Top Ten Life Facts

-I’m intensely synesthetic, so life is an ever-present color wheel of wonder and occasionally overwhelm. But earbuds and books solve that nicely.
-I’m a happy carnivore who prefers a rare steak to a cupcake and raw oysters to ice cream (though I have nothing against ice cream).
-I had my first book published at age thirteen through a county-wide library contest.
-I’ve traveled to eight countries on mission and cross-cultural work.
-I’m an extroverted writer, so I love connecting with people! I finish books thanks to a faithful batch of alpha readers who cheer me along chapter by chapter.
-When I’m stressed, I clean. Others have told me this de-incentivizes their motivation to make me relax. 😉 Because everyone likes a clean house.
-I love all animals and wanted to be a veterinarian until I failed Algebra 2 (apparently creativity doesn’t belong in higher mathematics).
-I’ve dyed my hair five different colors.
-I enjoy researching all sorts of things just for the fun of it.
-When I taught full-time, I was known for hopping up and down with excitement over grammar structures.
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