Writing and Marketing Coaching


Manuscript Triple Check – Have your manuscript outline and the first three pages of your story evaluated for story structure, reader/market expectations, and writing craft. Includes a half hour coaching session. -$30

  • “Janeen is great at looking at things from a new angle, and offers positive and helpful feedback. I recommend her to any serious writer who wants a constructive opinion on their writing.”Olivia R. Moore, Aspiring Author

Problem-Solver Special – Aka, my hourly rate. One hour of quality creative breakthrough time, where you will be inspired, empowered, and equipped with practical action-items to solve your problem. All of my creative brainstorming and broad span of knowledge is at your service for a great value! Includes a pre-session worksheet (as necessary) and post-session follow-up notes. -$60/hour

  • “Had an absolutely wonderful coaching/brainstorming session with Janeen Ippolito. She came up with a beautiful little tagline. I definitely plan to work with her again.”Jessica Fry, Author

Clients have used problem-solver specials for many topics, including:

  • Plot, character, or scene issue
  • Structuring a story outline that combines author vision, market expectations, and solid story structure
  • Website/Author Brand Tagline creation
  • Planning a writing success strategy for achieving your writing goals
  • Tackling a marketing dilemma
  • Any other area where you need to be “unstuck” or want the security of planning so you don’t get stuck.

Write a Publishable Book: Personal Fiction Tutoring – For authors serious about writing a book and knowing it’s publishable. Many new authors in fiction struggle with their first (or second, or third) manuscripts, even after self-educating on core principles such as story structure, outlining, character arcs, pacing, and themes. This personal fiction course is a series of private tutoring sessions on how you uniquely use those story elements with your voice and vision to create your story. Each session focuses on developing key fundamentals of fiction, and your homework is putting those fundamentals into practice in your own work! Once your pre-drafting is done, opt in for periodic check-ups during the drafting process to ensure your story is on track and get encouragement on how to handle problem spots. Get the security of knowing your story is ready to take on the book market with your vision, reader-pleasing moments, and solid story craft! Contact me for details!

  • “Without Janeen, I would still be stuck in self-doubt and going round in circles. She not only helped me figure out my story but also gave me confidence.” -Sidonie Bouvier, Author


Marketing Jumpstart – Intimidated about putting yourself out there? Overwhelmed by all the options and just want to focus on what works for you? This inclusive package gives you clarity and focus in your book marketing endeavors! I evaluate everything that you bring to the table, including skill sets, complementary interests, and time availability, then we craft a marketing strategy suited to your needs and aligned with solid principles to read your readership. Includes a personalized reference guide you can use to guide your future book marketing. Get transferable skills plus a plan that you can actually implement and leave the marketing dread behind! -$300

  • “Janeen Ippolito’s book marketing coaching helped me settle into an advantageous marketing position. This branding, message, and media package helped me with website and social media connections. I recommend her to new authors starting out and authors who need to get organized into their niche.” C.S. Johnson, Author

Marketing Refresh – Have a backlist and/or publishing experience, but still searching for a tribe? Tried all the trendy strategies and tactics, but feel like your brand is scattered? Struggling to keep up with the demands of all these different marketing tools? This program is for you! We start with an evaluation of your natural skills and resources, then take that self-knowledge and analyze each aspect of your marketing set-up for efficiency, effectiveness, and authentic connection opportunities with your tribe. Then get personalized training and customized strategy guides for long-term success! -$300

  • “Janeen actively listens to and understands her clients. She meets them where they are, pinpoints their motivations, and discovers personal experiences that have shaped the business/writing they are doing. Then she helps them use that knowledge in marketing.”
    Laura Pol, Blog Tour Host at Unicorn Quester

Book to Market – The ultimate book coaching experience. Includes a manuscript marketing review, skill training, long-term vision planning, and personalized coaching and assistance in all aspects of writing and marketing. Get consistent creative breakthroughs and the security of a coach on your team to handle any speed bumps on the road to publication. Contact me to learn more!

  • “I have peace with the decision-making process. I have clear direction for thinking through my goals and what the vision is for the series. Janeen is an enthusiastic and effective guide.” R.J. Metcalf, Author, Enrolled in Book to Market

Note: payment plans are available for the coaching packages.



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