Get a high-quality, professional look at your manuscript to make sure you’re hitting that sweet spot between your vision, reader expectations, marketability, and craft.

An edit from me isn’t merely marks on the page: you are getting an experienced problem-solver on your side to explain, encourage, and enable you to get the best story out to the public. Over the course of eight years, I’ve worked with writers of all ages and experience levels to elevate their writing and make their stories shine. My clients have won awards, experienced the thrill of their first publication, mastered the troublesome “middle books” in trilogies, and preserved treasured family memories.

Plus, as an experienced educator and coach, every editing experience with me will help you grow in your craft, celebrate what you excel, and hit that sweet to reach your readership!  In additional to editing, I give you feedback on marketing ideas, brainstorming help out of troubled spots, and personalized attention to make sure you’re making the most of every word.

You’ll come away from an editing experience equipped to tackle your project with excellence!

  • “As an editor Janeen provides an essential but rare combination of understanding of genre expectations while recognizing and fostering unique ideas. I recommend her services to anyone looking to strengthen the themes of a book, tighten the plot, or fill in the gaps.” H.L. Burke, Award-Winning Author
  • “Janeen’s editorial insights on character development and plot structure took my novel to a whole new level. She is a creative, patient guide who pushes authors to their fullest potential while celebrating their unique stories and voices.” Sarah Delena White, Award-Winning Author

Professional Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree Cross-Cultural Studies, Informational Writing, and ESL (special focus on communication in speech and writing)
  • 8+ years experience creating nonfiction content for blogs, articles, classroom use, and reference materials.
  • 5+ years fiction editing experience 
  • 8+ years nonfiction editing experience
  • 8 years of professional teaching experience
  • Currently instructing several up and coming editors
  • Member of the Editorial Freelancers Association
  • President/Editor-in-Chief of Uncommon Universes Press LLC

Summary of Services

Fiction & Nonfiction 

  • Hourly Editing – $40/hr
  • Hourly Manuscript Coaching – $50/half hour
  • Manuscript Review
  • Copy Edit
  • Line Edit
  • Developmental Edit
  • Full Edit

Every potential client gets a customized quote after evaluating manuscript needs, so when in doubt, contact me! If we’re not the right fit, I can direct you towards someone who is.

Unsure which edit you need? Read the descriptions below and get in touch with me! I’ll skim your manuscript sample, and I’ll give you a fair and reasonable estimate of the kind of edit you need and a customized-to-you quote. I work with all budgets and offer flexible payment plans.

Clients who get a Manuscript Review can opt into a special rate for my other editing services, since I’m familiar with the manuscript and the work that still needs to be completed.

I also offer special rate packages for clients who want more than one editing service or indie authors planning a rapid release schedule.

  • “Janeen knows the questions to ask that make ordinary characters extraordinary and extraordinary events believable.” -Anne Jones, Author


Manuscript Review A great introduction to help your story shine. Get insightful, expert feedback from a publishing professional and start your self-edits with confidence!

  • A structural review of your manuscript with large scale comments using Microsoft Office comments
  • 4-5 pages of specialized feedback and notes
  • Half hour post-edit brainstorming consult

-Fiction Review includes evaluation of character arcs, plot development and plot holes, pacing, theme usage, and marketability (what hits the market, what’s delightfully different, and the implications of both categories so you can make informed decisions about your vision for your book).
-Nonfiction Review depends on subgenre, but includes evaluation of voice, narrative coherency, effective organization, missing information, and marketability to suit your nonfiction writing goals.

Clients who get a fiction manuscript review are eligible for a special rate on development, line, and copy editing services.

  • “Janeen is encouraging and honest at the same time. She was very helpful and clear in her suggestions and asked the right questions to get me thinking. She’s also a great brainstormer! – Denica McCall, Author

Developmental Edit – My most intense, comprehensive edit. You will received in-depth notes on all aspects of your manuscript in both Microsoft Office Track Changes and Microsoft Office Comments.

  • Detailed, line by line feedback on your content and structure
  • Significant line edits included (chapter openings and closings, sentence structure, paragraph structure, continuity issues, tonal shifts, etc)
  • 4-5 additional pages of feedback and notes
  • On-call email Q&A
  • Half hour post-edit brainstorming consult
  • Second review to check edit implementation

Combine with a line edit for the ultimate two-pass service at a discount rate.

  • “I’d recommend Janeen to everyone and anyone! Especially speculative fiction writers. Janeen has a deep knowledge of speculative fiction, and its tropes and clichés that helps her make sure a story is new and fresh, but still delivering what readers want.” – Nicole Horlings, Aspiring Author

Line Edit – The nuts and bolts polishing of the editing process at a paragraph and sentence level. Essential for getting a smooth voice and page-turning prose!

  • Corrects words or sentences that are extraneous or overused
  • Corrects run-on sentences, redundancies and other grammar errors
  • Identifies and clarifies dialogue or paragraphs that need to be tightened
  • Corrects tonal shifts and unnatural phrasing
  • Identifies missing information
  • Addresses chapter openings and closings
  • Catches many copy editing issues
  • On-call email Q&A
  • Half hour post-edit brainstorming consult
  • Second review to check edit implementation

Note: when combine with a developmental edit, a line edit is 50% off!

  • “Janeen Ippolito has been an amazing help to me as a writer.  She engages with my world, offering encouragement and continually challenging me to grow in developing my own voice in writing my stories.  It’s a joy to work with an editor who enjoys both the process and the product of writing!” – Hannah Keeler, Author

Copy Edit (sometimes called proofreading) – The final pass before having your work typeset. Checks for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation issues. Also checks for transitions, wordiness, and technical jargon, along with small line editing issues.

All manuscripts get a 5 page sample edit to see if we’re a good fit. I offer special rate packages for clients who want more than one editing service or indie authors planning a rapid release schedule, and flexible payment plans for your budget.

Contact me to get your customized quote!


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