Other Services

Book Blurb/Back Cover Copy + Log Line – $40/hr

  • I review your outline and synopsis for insight into what makes your book special
  • I review marketing trends, standards, and key words for your genre
  • I create 3 blurb options for you to work with
  • I complete up to three revisions

Book Proposal/One Sheet Review – $40/hr

  • I evaluate your book proposal from the perspective of a publishing industry professional and editor-in-chief (which I am)
  • I examine the presentation and marketability, as well as connections with essential parts of your brand
  • I will also review one sample chapter and give general feedback (not an edit)

Content Writing

Marketing copy, blog posts, and more. Approximately $40/hour depending on type of content and amount of content. Contact me for a quote and availability.


Get quality writing that embraces your unique vision, story, voice, and market conventions. My specialties are in memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, curricula, and creating business ebooks for marketing and customer service purposes. Contact me to learn more.

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