Janeen knows how world building, plot, and characterization all work together.

The four page content evaluation has been extremely helpful for me, as have the attached worksheets for characterization and story structure. I’ve already fleshed out my characters more thanks to her assessment. The developmental edit is wonderful, pointing out weaknesses in characterization, plot, logic, and world building consistency, showing me what works and what doesn’t.


Janeen has her finger on the pulse of marketing

I needed help establishing a plan for marketing, and I'm so thankful to have my market narrowed!


Gifted in plotting, story structure and world-building

You pinpointed areas I could either delete or elaborate on, and targeted areas of weakness I can improve on while affirming me in the areas I was successful in. This is so helpful both in polishing a manuscript and growing as a writer!

Anyone who would appreciate input on plot and world-building in particular will benefit from your expertise!

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