Love Triangle Tip – Write A Good Loser

I am a fan of love triangles.

Not just because I’m avid ‘shipper (relationshipper, aka someone who inexplicably cares which character the MC ends up with–yup, I don’t understand it either, but it’s my flavor).

Not just because love triangles add conflict and tension to stories (although different types of attraction generally do and I am so excited to share tips about using attraction to amp up story lines as a chapter in my WIP characterization book).

And no, it’s nothing to do with the fantasy of having two guys fight over you. I actually enjoy two girls and one guy love triangles equally as much when they are well done. Personally, having two people in your business trying to get your attention sounds like a hassle–like I said, it can add tension. Tension is the author’s friend, used judiciously. [...]  read more

Revise It! Story Pacing Essentials – Move and Process

Pacing comes down to two elements: Move and Process. Balancing the push-pull between the two takes practice, quality feedback, and then more practice (also known as writing consistently). Read on for the breakdown of these two elements and then a sweet section of different resources to help you nail pacing.

Write Inside Out – Website Reboot Clearance Sale!

Writing and marketing are overpriced endeavors.

And I’m not talking about money.

I’m talking about the precious hours scraped together at the end of the night when the rest of your family has gone to sleep, or scavenged from early in the morning before they’ve woken up.

Or the moments on your lunch break, tapping away at your cell phone or scribbling in a notebook. Or sometimes sneaking out receipt paper and writing plot ideas when no one is coming to your checkout aisle (yes, my first NaNoWriMo was eight years ago, and I was working at Kmart). [...]  read more

Fellow Authors are Friends, Not Food/Enemies: A Healthy Perspective on Author Networking (Realm Makers blog)

Author networking is a great way to build and grow your platform for mutual benefit. You win, because you get community and connections (and yes, even friends). Other authors win, because they get the same deal you do! Your readers win, because they get even more books to read! Here are five ways to NAIL author networking!

5 Ways to Use Fear in Your World-Building

5 Ways to Use Fear in Your World-BuildingFear is a powerful tool to use in all parts of your speculative fiction story, including the world-building. Injecting some fearful elements into your science fiction or fantasy world increases tension, conflict, and ensures your world-building integrates perfectly with your plot. Here are five ways to use fear in your world-building!

Note: When creating societies, you might be tempted to say “Wait, I’ll make them biologically incapable of fear! Tada!” However, since fear is a basic motivating factor of all humanity, removing that from your created culture will make them alien and very difficult to relate to. You have lost a major aspect of reader identification. Now, if your point is to alienate your readers from this other culture, then you’re on the right track! [...]  read more