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5 Tips to Writing Book Blurbs That Sell

A fantastic book blurb is critical to reaching readers and getting them to click that buy button on Amazon or hand over money at your book sales table. Here are five great tips to writing book blurbs that sell.

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4 Tips to Sharing About Your Book(s) Without Being a Jerk

Repetition. It’s one of the hardest parts of marketing.

The fact of the matter is, the best way to get people’s attention is to tell them about your book, event, special deal, etc more than once.

In fact, it takes anywhere from 3-10 mentions through different channels to get someone’s attention and nudge them to consider your stuff. Yup, 3-10. Especially with social media algorithms making it harder for people to see things in the first place, and the increased information overload of the present day making it harder to remember things. [...]  read more

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Fellow Authors are Friends, Not Food/Enemies: A Healthy Perspective on Author Networking (Realm Makers blog)

Author networking is a great way to build and grow your platform for mutual benefit. You win, because you get community and connections (and yes, even friends). Other authors win, because they get the same deal you do! Your readers win, because they get even more books to read! Here are five ways to NAIL author networking!

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Author Marketing: Your Worldview and Your Audience

Whether or not you openly ascribe to a particular belief system or philosophy, your worldview will seep into your story. Identifying that worldview in your stories helps you create deeper, more authentic themes (even in light fiction) as well as connect with a tribe that resonates with what you're saying. 

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6 Tips for a Memorable Author Tagline

A good tagline invites your reader into your passion and purpose. Here are six easy ways how!

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