Revise It! Banish the Boring Parts of Your Story Using Genre Conventions

 Identifying and eliminating the boring parts in a story isn't a matter of following a checklist. The key to identifying those dull areas is a matter of understanding the genre conventions of your story, judicious use of beta reader and editor feedback, and creating the most intriguing narrative, voice, and characters you can.

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Revise It! Seven Checks to Make Sure Your Plot Works

A great plot is key to a winning book. Great plots are borne of polishing that first draft through revisions and editing. Here are seven checks that you can use to make sure your plot is hitting the mark and the market!

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Revise It! The Golden Principle of Supporting Characters

the golden principle of supporting characters - write inside out

Supporting characters are as vital as their name implies: they support your main characters and plot arcs so that everything runs smoothly (or horribly, as the case may be--disasters make good fiction). Done right, supporting characters make your protagonist look good (or bad, as the case may be) and offer a much-needed alternate perspective. This golden principle will make sure all of your supporting characters are being used effectively!

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Revise It! 6 Tips to Clean Up Characterization for Your Protagonist and Antagonist

Characterization is one of those make-or-break elements in stories. Use these six tips to clean up characterization for your protagonist and antagonist!

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