Revise It! The Golden Principle of Supporting Characters

the golden principle of supporting characters - write inside out

Supporting characters are as vital as their name implies: they support your main characters and plot arcs so that everything runs smoothly (or horribly, as the case may be--disasters make good fiction). Done right, supporting characters make your protagonist look good (or bad, as the case may be) and offer a much-needed alternate perspective. This golden principle will make sure all of your supporting characters are being used effectively!

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Revise It! 6 Tips to Clean Up Characterization for Your Protagonist and Antagonist

Characterization is one of those make-or-break elements in stories. Use these six tips to clean up characterization for your protagonist and antagonist!

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Revise It! Evaluating Your Story Revision Goals

Evaluating Your Story Revision Goals

Your story is worth your investment of time, passion, and purpose. Evaluating the revision process makes your life easier and gives you quantifiable goals that can work within your schedule.

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Revise It! The Miniseries: Seven Steps to Unpacking Your First Draft

Revise It! The Miniseries: Six Factors to Unpacking Your First Draft tackles six key areas in content revisions to get your first draft into great condition!

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