5 Ways to Improve a Sentence – Fiction Edition

So you get your manuscript back from beta readers, and they pick out sentences that don't sound right, but they aren't sure why. Or you're self-editing, and you want to tackle some of the sentence corrections yourself before sending your work out for a line edit. Here are five tips to improve those sentences!

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Revise It! Recruiting and Using Reader Feedback

Reader response can be one of your most important resources in the revision process--or it can derail everything and leave you confused and insecure in a corner, wondering why you even bother writing. Here are several steps to making your reader recruitment process smooth, easy, and effective.

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Revise It! Evaluating Your Story Revision Goals

Evaluating Your Story Revision Goals

Your story is worth your investment of time, passion, and purpose. Evaluating the revision process makes your life easier and gives you quantifiable goals that can work within your schedule.

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