Love Triangle Tip – Write A Good Loser

I am a fan of love triangles.

Not just because I’m avid ‘shipper (relationshipper, aka someone who inexplicably cares which character the MC ends up with–yup, I don’t understand it either, but it’s my flavor).

Not just because love triangles add conflict and tension to stories (although different types of attraction generally do and I am so excited to share tips about using attraction to amp up story lines as a chapter in my WIP characterization book).

And no, it’s nothing to do with the fantasy of having two guys fight over you. I actually enjoy two girls and one guy love triangles equally as much when they are well done. Personally, having two people in your business trying to get your attention sounds like a hassle–like I said, it can add tension. Tension is the author’s friend, used judiciously. [...]  read more

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Revise It! Story Pacing Essentials – Move and Process

Pacing comes down to two elements: Move and Process. Balancing the push-pull between the two takes practice, quality feedback, and then more practice (also known as writing consistently). Read on for the breakdown of these two elements and then a sweet section of different resources to help you nail pacing.

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How to KNOW You’re Writing What You SHOULD Be Writing

Figuring out if what you're writing is what You SHOULD be writing comes down to honesty with yourself and your PUSH. Self-awareness is key to effective writing and taking on the market, your way! Use these four questions for clarity and focus.

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Revise It! Seven Checks to Make Sure Your Plot Works

A great plot is key to a winning book. Great plots are borne of polishing that first draft through revisions and editing. Here are seven checks that you can use to make sure your plot is hitting the mark and the market!

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Revise It! 6 Tips to Clean Up Characterization for Your Protagonist and Antagonist

Characterization is one of those make-or-break elements in stories. Use these six tips to clean up characterization for your protagonist and antagonist!

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